Hackers Begin Leaking Stolen EA Data, EA Says It’s Not Concerned

Hackers Begin Leaking Stolen EA Data, EA Says It’s Not Concerned

Hackers have begun to distribute data obtained by hacking EA, including FIFA and Frostbite engine source code.

Cisco Admits To Being Hacked | cybernews.com

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Not even Cybersecurity firms are safe – that much is certain now as a cybersecurity company Cisco admits to being hacked earlier this year. Over 2.75 gigabytes of data were stolen in a single breach.

The admission marks the latest stage in what appears to be a general escalation in the wider cyberwar, with cybersecurity companies increasingly targeted by threat actors. The breach in question took place back in May, but it was only when the stolen data appeared on the Dark Web on August 10, when Cisco decided to admit to the breach.

Though Cisco tried to downplay the attack, it has been confirmed that cyber criminals behind the attack were the very same that previously breached both Twilio and Cloudflare.

Cisco has since then claimed that none of its products, services, sensitive customer or employee data, intellectual property, or supply chain operations have been affected by the attack.

“We took immediate action to contain and eradicate the bad actors. We have taken steps to remediate the impact of the incident and further harden our IT environment. No ransomware has been observed or deployed and Cisco has successfully blocked attempts to access Cisco’s network since discovering the incident.”

According to the Cisco affiliate organization Talos Intelligence, the attack was the work of multiple cybercriminal groups. The initial-access broker with ties to the UNC2447 cybercrime gang, Lapsus$ threat actor group, and Yanluowang ransomware operators are confirmed to have been involved with the breach.

Citing BleepingComputer, Black Hat Ethical Hacking group said the threat actors behind the cyberattack “claimed to have stolen 2.75 gigabytes of data, consisting of approximately 3,100 files,” which it said were mostly “non-disclosure agreements, data dumps, and engineering drawings.”

Cisco hopes to use the incident as an opportunity to learn, strengthen their resilience, and help the wider security community. It claims to have updated its cybersecurity products with intelligence gained from observing the bad actor’s techniques, and has notified the authorities of the breach.

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Hackers steal EA’s FIFA, Battlefield source code

Electronic Arts the gaming giant known for hits like FIFA, Battlefield and The Sims has been the latest victim of data theft.
Hackers broke into EA servers recently to steal several game source codes and related internal tools.
New reports indicate that through the cyber attack, hackers were able to steal a total of 780GB of data from EA servers.
The data has now been put up for sale in various underground hacking forum posts.
EA has confirmed the data theft in a recent statement.
It stated that it had indeed suffered a data breach and that the information listed by the hackers on the hacking forums is in fact the stolen data.
A report by Motherboard quotes EA, stating that the renowned game developer is investigating a recent “incident of intrusion” into its network.
It confirms that the hackers were able to steal “a limited amount of game source code and related tools.”
EA, however, clarifies that no player data was accessed or stolen by the hackers and that there is “no reason to believe there is any risk to player privacy.”
EA has already made the necessary security improvements following the incident and does not expect an impact on the games or the business.
Following the attack, the hackers claimed to have taken the source code, as well as code for the matchmaking server for FIFA 21 in the forum posts.
They also claimed to have obtained source code and tools for the Frostbite engine that powers several EA games including Battlefield.
In addition, hackers were also able to steal proprietary EA frameworks and software development kits (SDKs).
EA’s codes to make game development easier and streamlined were also stolen.
The information is now available on closed group hacker forums.
In order to show the authenticity of their spoils, the hackers shared some screenshots of the stolen EA data on these forums.
None of the internal data, however, was revealed publicly. It is clear that the hackers are instead trying to sell the data online.

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EA got hit by a data breach, and hackers are selling source code

Reported today on The Verge

For the full article visit: https://www.theverge.com/2021/6/10/22528003/ea-data-breach-frostbite-fifa-internal-tools-hack

Reported today in The Verge.

EA got hit by a data breach, and hackers are selling source code

Motherboard is reporting that EA has fallen victim to hackers, who made away with the source code to FIFA 21, the Frostbite engine (which is behind not only EA’s soccer/football series, but Battlefield as well), and other game development tools. The hackers are reportedly advertising that the data is for sale on hacking forums, but that they’ll only consider offers from big-name members of the hacking community.

Source code is a big deal in programing, so it’s a big deal when companies lose control over it, and the gaming industry has seen some huge thefts recently: hackers stole CD Projekt Red’s source code for Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3 in February and in July of 2020, Nintendo saw the source code for many SNES and Nintendo 64 games, including Super Mario Kart and an unreleased Zelda game, released into the wild in what’s been dubbed the “Nintendo Gigaleak.”

While it’s unlikely that other reputable developers would use EA’s code on purpose, hackers being able to see the inner workings of a game or engine could help them craft cheats or cracks – it could also reveal secret projects and game ideas, or developer comments that companies would rather not see the light of day. Breaches also aren’t terribly great for a company’s reputation.

In addition to EA’s own proprietary code and tools, the hackers claim they have Microsoft Xbox and Sony’s SDKs and API keys available for sale as well. Here’s a screenshot obtained by BleepingComputer that claims hackers have a total of 780GB worth of stolen data:

An EA spokesperson confirmed to The Verge that hackers stole “a limited amount of game source code and related tools,” and said that the hackers didn’t have access to player data


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EA (Electronic Arts) announced this week that they suffered a massive data breach, losing over 780GB of data, including source code for FIFA and Frostbite. See the video for more details! Elevate your gaming experience by playing zork 1 game online. Explore the charm of yesteryear's classics and lose yourself in the simplicity of pixelated perfection.

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Hackers Begin Leaking Stolen EA Data, EA Says It’s Not Concerned Hackers have begun to distribute data obtained by hacking EA, including FIFA and Frostbite engine source code. Cisco Admits To Being Hacked | cybernews.com ⬇ Our trusted data leak checker ⬇https://cnews.link/personal-data-leak-check/ Looking for the most relevant news in the cyber security & tech fields?CLICK…